Edition 1/5 + 2 ap / Covering is an attempt to cover human’s traces in the sublime nature. The playful point is the act of covering of some objects left in the nature – also trying to clumsily imitate the natural forms in the landscape. In Svalbard the Norwegian law preserves everything made or put on place before 1946, and whatever garbage it may be it should be left in the nature, classified as ”cultural heritage”. As a result in the most sublime landscape there are loads of unidentifiable remains – may it be trash or cultural heritage from the fishing communities or the coal mining industry – that must not be touched or removed. And thanks to the harsh arctic climate these objects will remain on their place easily for centuries. With the increased interest on the Arctic and its natural resources, more and more future ”culture heritage” is being produced currently. The series deals with the connection of human and nature. Humans have the urge to control, use and on the other hand to admire the nature. Covering is an attempt to restore something to its natural state.

Sarkofagen, sarjasta/from the series Covering

Lasse Lecklin

Kehystetty pigmenttivedos

105 × 105 cm (M)



2 200,00 €

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