Guide for Artists



Would you like to sell your art globally, without restrictions to your artworks and without sales commission? Findartglobally.com is an art website, which connects professional artists and buyers internationally, while also giving artists the opportunity to network globally.


Global reach

By joining our website, you can get a wide, global reach for your art. The concept and technology of findartglobally.com has been developed for three years and is based on highly developed artwork search technology, which allows buyers from around the world to find you and your art.

No sales commission

We do not restrict your rights to your own work or take commission. Instead, you or your representative will oversee sales. If you have a contract with a gallery that represents you, you can still have a profile on our website. The gallery you work with would also benefit from the international exposure our website offers, and can continue to represent you and sell your artworks as before.


In addition to international exposure, our website provides opportunities for networking. Our Residence page gives the opportunity to stay in a residence either in your own country, or abroad. Artists can post ads on the Residence page and exchange apartments and work studios with each other, for a period of time agreed upon by both parties. Our website thus connects artists from around the world, and you get a chance to visit places that may not have a residence program of their own.

Your profile page

You manage your profile page independently, and you can edit it to your liking. In addition to artwork sales, you can write about your projects, add your CV details, and generally keep people updated on what you are up to. Using social media through our website is simple, as you can easily share what you post on our website on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Social media marketing is increasing in significance in the art world as well as everywhere else. We therefore recommend that after finishing a new work, you tell about it on social media – effective and free advertising!

Technical features:

We have developed our technical features to serve artists and visitors as well as possible. We therefore included an interface for artists on our website that enables artists to maintain art sales on their own website through findartglobally.com. In order to use the interface, you would need to install it on your own website. Using the interface allows you to update your sales only once, in one place. You can order an interface for your website from our team of experts! The cost of the interface is not included in the membership, and would thus be payable by you. The cost itself is dependent on the amount of work required in making an interface for your website, with its own specifications. You can also order a whole website through us. To order an interface or a website, contact us on tuki@findartglobally.com.

Help potential customers find your art

By using relevant keywords with each of your artworks, you help potential customers find your work. Many of our visitors want art that is just right for them, and will narrow their search by colour, technique or subject. By adding accurate and precise keywords, you can enhance your artwork’s visibility in the search results.


This feature is available when you sign in. Our administrators use the noticeboard to notify you of updates and possible service interruptions.

Membership application criteria

We curate membership applications in order to make sure that our members are professional artists and to ensure we offer a high-quality service for artists and visitors alike. In order to become a member, you need to meet the criteria stated below:

  1. A degree in Fine Art and demonstrable technical ability (visible in your artworks). If you do not have a degree in Fine Art, you can demonstrate your ability through non-degree courses and with active exhibition participation, discussed further in part 2.
  2. In addition to a degree, you need to demonstrate that you work as a professional artist either in full time or part-time capacity. This is demonstrable through active participation in exhibitions in galleries, museums and other similar organizations (for example, most cafés and libraries are not included in this category).

If there is a significant time of inactivity in your artistic work and exhibition participation due to a change in your circumstances (for example illness, having a child, move to another country), you can still apply – remember to tell about your circumstances in your application. In a case such as this, we will expect you to become more active in the following year, as passive artist profiles are not accepted on our website.  

Validity of your application after curating

After passing the curating process your application is valid for two months, during which you need to pay the membership fee. If you have not paid the membership fee within the two months, your profile will be removed. We cannot sustain ‘empty’ profiles due to technical reasons. Do remember to pay the membership fee as soon as possible after passing the curating process, so that your profile becomes visible on the website!

Minimum requirements for Artists’ profiles

Findartglobally.com requires the information listed below to be added to profiles within a month of joining the website.

  1. Profile image
  2. Cover image
  3. Artist profile introduction (length and format optional)
  4. CV (using the website’s own CV form) Please note that adding a link to your website cannot be used as a substitute for a CV.
  5. At least 7 artworks, more to be added later
  6. Please note that the information listed above must be added to a profile within a month of joining the website. Findartglobally.com reserves the right to hide profiles that do not meet the minimum requirements.

Inviting friends

If you invite a friend to join the website, you both get bonus points amounting to 10 euros off your membership for the next year. Every artist can invite as many colleagues as they want. Bonus points are distributed when the invited artist has applied for membership, has passed the curating process and has been accepted as a member.

Monthly art raffle

We raffle an artwork off every month. You can, if you wish, suggest your own artwork for the raffle. The artist and Find Art Globally will agree upon the artwork together: the artist will suggest an artwork, which Find Art Globally will determine whether to accept. The price of the artwork needs to be at least 150 euros.

The artist needs to send an image and details of the artwork, which are included on the website by our administrators when the raffle takes place.

A raffle will take place monthly in every country. You can participate in the raffle only in the country you live in. Raffle wins will not be sent abroad.

By offering an artwork for the raffle, the artist gains not only high visibility on our website and social media channels, but also becomes ‘Artist of the month’ for the month following the raffle. In addition, the artist’s membership will be continued for an additional 12 months.

The artist is responsible for sending the artwork to the raffle winner (the artwork needs to be delivered within 7 days of the raffle winner being announced) and the cost of delivery. The winner’s name will be announced on the website, and the winner’s contact details will be given to the artist via email. If the winner has not responded to the artist’s messages within 7 days, a new winner will be selected.

As the art raffle takes place only once a month, the visibility the artist will get on the website and on social media will be significant. A queue for offering an artwork for the raffle can therefore build up fast, and we would therefore recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. Send a good quality image and details of the artwork to the following email address: curator@findartglobally.com.

About art sales

Findartglobally.com does not take sales commission and is not therefore a participant in or responsible for any art sales or transactions between artists/artists’ representatives and buyers. All art sales and transactions are made between artists/artists’ representatives and buyers, and findartglobally.com does not take part in sales or transactions in any way.

We do offer an empty contract form, which is available to the artist on our website. We also recommend that when paying in instalments, the artist will always take 20% of the artwork’s value as the first instalment before delivering the artwork to the buyer.

Please note:

It is forbidden to exhibit on this website any material as art that can be interpreted as being in infringement of copyright, defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, racist, of derogatory sexual morals, or is otherwise not seen as appropriate. After artists go through the curating process, artworks uploaded to artists’ profiles are not curated, but content is monitored. Breaking of any rules, intentional or otherwise, will lead to a permanent ban and a removal of the profile from the website. In our internal and external communication, we uphold polite and courteous manners. Behaviour that does not meet this standard can lead to a receiving a warning and if necessary, removal from the website.