Our Story

The world of Contemporary Art is above all international – and so is findartglobally.com. We want connect professional artists and art enthusiasts, making art easier to find globally.

We want our website to serve artists as well as it can, and therefore artists’ ideas and views were an important part of the development process. Our website offers artists an international community and artist’s residence opportunities, but above all a clear, curated platform for displaying art. We hope that the features our website offers can lead to new, international collaborations and provide inspiration for new creative work.

We wanted to surprise visitors with a monthly art raffle, which is open to all. While taking part in the raffle, you can easily find out more about the artist who created the work you are hoping to win.

After a long development process, we finally launched our website in 2017. Despite our young age, we wish to develop our website further by bringing out new, innovative services and features for our members and visitors. We are developing new exciting and useful features to introduce later!


Our team:



Karita Kuusisto
Curator, Art Market Researcher

Karita is a Curator and a Researcher, focussing on the International Art Market. On the website, you can read international art news and artist interviews she has written for Find Art Globally. Karita has a BA (the University of York) and an MSc (the University of Edinburgh) from Art History, and is currently working towards a PhD at Cardiff University.


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Taina Myllyharju
Curator, Adviser, Museum Director

As the Museum Director of the Tampere Art Museum, one of the leading art museums in Finland, Taina is an established figure in the Finnish art world, known for her expert knowledge and distinguished career in the arts.  Her position as Museum Director involves frequent visits to international exhibitions overseas and meeting other significant, international art influencers. Taina lends her expertise to us as an Adviser in all things art, and as a Curator.


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Camilla Labbate
PR and Marketing Coordinator

Energetic and multilingual Camilla is the face of our company, and she can be spotted at Art Fairs and Exhibitions - and everywhere else artists and art buyers can be found. She is also in charge of our social media sites, and is always looking for new ways to connect artists and art buyers.


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Ulla Rytsy
Innovations Director, Project Coordinator

Ulla is the innovator of the team. Her desk has been the starting point of many of the innovations found in Find Art Globally, some of which have not been seen in the art world before, making her a forerunner of the digital art market sector. Ulla likes to create new ways of operating and serving artists and art buyers alike.